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Never been a fan of creativity and innovation? Well, the time has come to alter your preferences and try out something new if you need space for your riveting business.

Anyone lucky enough to have a garage can transform it with ease into a fabulous space designated for your beauty room and make working from home a satisfying notion.

The biggest benefit of such a garage transformation is that clients won’t need to walk through your home to get to the beauty room, nor would you have family members interrupting you.

There are plenty of other benefits, and if you are even slightly considering the fact it won’t work, here is a step-by-step guide on how to convert your garage into a restful and dazzling beauty room.

Check the premises top-to-bottom

Before you get down to some serious work, you ought to inspect the garage thoroughly.

First, make sure to inspect the foundation if you would be adding new windows or doors, because you need to be certain that it could withstand any additional pressure.

Next, tackle floors and ensure that the floors are leveled adequately as you would be adding elegant laminate flooring or tiles to contemplate your beauty room.

Garages are usually made of bare concrete which is relatively cold, the chances are that you would need to add insulation, which is a vital step to take in the whole makeover process.

Insulate the bare space

As you are going to have numerous ladies going in and out of your beauty room, constantly opening the doors, and letting wet or dry air inside could lead to having damp walls or create some other nasty problems.

In order to have a perfect beauty studio where the temperature stays equal throughout the space, you need to insulate the walls, ceiling, floor, and even door.

Get only the best insulation for the garage which includes either using rigid foam, fiberglass, or cellulose.

Using some of these quality insulating materials for garage insulation would help you keep the hot air in during winter months and stop the beauty room from overheating during hot months in summer.

In addition, insulation will help you keep your electric bills in order all year round.

Enhance the lighting

Having proper lighting is a must in a beauty salon. Any beautician would specify the importance of having plenty of natural light, however, if that’s not possible in the garage, there’s no need to worry, just have a few strategically incorporated lighting features.

For instance, to create your pretty special space install dimmed wall lights around the walls to create a natural light vibe inside the salon, and then get one or two 2400k incandescent lamps and later get all the vital lighting fixtures that would help reduce eye strain but increase productivity.

Focus on picking the perfect flooring

Flooring options for a beauty room are plenty, however, when you are about to transform a seemingly bare and cold garage into a flabbergasting beauty salon, then you need to pick the most eloquent flooring.

Probably the best solution would be to use an epoxy coating to create a wonderful, clean, and business-like environment. Another great option for flooring is the tiles.

Tiles come in various colors, shapes, and patterns, and above all, they are utterly easy to maintain and water-resistant which is vital for a beauty salon. Whatever you choose, make sure to pick the flooring option that is easy to clean and that is highly durable and resistant.

Get a good garage door

Very often, most homes have extremely large garage doors to fit one or two cars, the case is that you won’t need such standard doors for your beauty door.

One amazing idea is to ditch those basic garage doors and replace them with a large glass window to let natural light in, add a line of windows and one new door fit enough to serve as the entrance to your salon.

To fill in the gap for the large garage door consider the second option as it would be more practical to both have enough natural light and a sprucing entrance for your clients.

Pick the right wall hues

One of the most essential makeover things is painting the garage doors into the most appealing hue that suits your profession.

Once you have insulated, sanded, and prepped the walls you can go for any wall paint that you have set your mind to.

What best works for a beauty room is a mix of white and blush pink. If that’s too cheesy, you can go for some sophisticated earthy color such as cappuccino, off-beat white, cream, etc.

Never settle for a quick garage conversion but take time to select the wall paint that effectively fits your style and the entire outlook of your beauty salon.

Design an extra room

If you wish to offer more versatile beauty procedures, you can widen the garage space and create a separate room.

Whether you wish to do the waxing, massage, brow lifting, and similar and need enough space for your clients to undress and settle on the bed, you can use a divider wall to create a special room for those procedures and ensure privacy and comfort for your clients.

For this to happen, you should contact professionals to measure the height and width of your garage and design an eloquent wall and door for your additional beauty room. 

Gather all the amenities

For any beauty room, you ought to have the right equipment to get your business running smoothly. Depending on your chosen line of business, there are a few things that you must get to equip your garage and transform it into a full-functioning beauty room.

From the absolute necessities such as beauty salon chairs, facial machines, hair steamers, hair wash basins, mirrors, beauty beds, nail professional amenities, and then other professional equipment for body and face procedures such as machines for cellulite reduction treatments, and other service station things that would enable you to work with ease.

Don’t forget to create some storage space to store towels, beauty products, shampoo, and others.

By and large, create an inviting environment and place aromatherapy diffusers, lovely artwork, lush flowers, and play soft tunes and whoever steps into your beauty room would never have guessed it used to be a garage. 

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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