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What girl doesn’t dream of a perfect wedding? But the second you get engaged, all the questions start: when and where? Who’s invited? What dress to buy? The number of issues you have to deal with is overwhelming. 

And then, of course, something always goes wrong – somebody makes a mistake, an accident happens… But wait. Relax, take a deep breath, and take a look at this list of little secrets that’ll help you deal with all the planning. Implement them, work with the mistakes, and get as close to the perfect wedding as possible.

Follow Your Desires

It’s one of the most important days in your life – enjoy it. Make your dreams come true. You want a dress from Vera Wang – get it. Want jewelry from – go for it. And if you’re in need of custom wedding invitations, check out Bride & Groom Direct. Dream of a little wedding with only close friends attending – do it. And even if the budget doesn’t allow you to do everything the way you want, try to make it as close to your desires as possible. You may be able to have a scaled-down version. For instance, a photographer will have wedding photography packages in Houston to fit your budget. The same with the cake and food. It is ok to get what you want on a smaller scale.

Often, relatives or friends can interfere with your plans, advise doing or buy things you don’t really want just because everybody does so. Don’t listen. Make it a wedding of your dreams, not somebody else’s. Just remember to consult with the groom – after all, it’s his special day, too.  

Take Your Time for Planning

Don’t rush into it. Work out your budget and guest list, make a plan, and decide how much time you need. Only then start looking into venues and suppliers. In a hurry, you can make mistakes you don’t want to make, like getting something over the budget or not in the wedding style. Or even get a dress in a smaller size – who’d want that? Have your plan in writing and keep a paper trail of all the adjustments – this way, you won’t forget anything. 

Think about all the possible ways to trim your wedding budget. If you’re having a high-cost wedding, sign up for a credit card with a rewards program. This way, you can get great shopping deals or airline miles – and use it for your honeymoon. You can also send out digital invitations instead of classic paper ones or double-up guests as late-night photographers. 

Stick to Your Planning Decisions

In the middle of the preparation process, you can get a desire to buy something entirely out of your wedding style or over the budget, simply “because it’s nice.” Don’t succumb to it. Make sure you know your priorities and concentrate your budget on them. Of course, something can always go wrong – make adjustments to your plans only if necessary and under careful consideration.

And don’t overcomplicate things – the more complicated they get, the more can go wrong. You can’t control every detail of your wedding – otherwise, if someone makes a mistake, you may be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. And we don’t want this, do we?

Find the Experts

Choose the suppliers according to your budget and style. Do your research, check the reviews and recommendations. Don’t be pressured – make the decision based on your opinion, not somebody else’s. Look for the supplier you can trust, and don’t be afraid to seek advice on the issues that worry you – after all, it’s the person who’ll help you make your wedding perfect.

Make sure they understand you and communicate well from the very beginning – respond to your phone calls and emails, show up in time, and give you advice if you ask. They should be your most trusted experts, who you can go to with any questions. Feel free to consult with them on any topic – it’s their job to help you do what you want accordingly to your wedding budget. 

Remember: It Takes Two

Don’t try to plan and do everything by yourself. Of course, it’s the day you’ve been dreaming of, but remember that you’re not alone in it. 

Prepare to the wedding mentally – if you’re engaged, you’re probably sure that you want to spend your whole life with this person. But check if you agree on the important marriage issues, like children or communication with the in-laws. And remember: wedding planning is the first step to doing everything together. Talk to your partner, look for the wedding decisions that serve you both, and ask for help if you’re tired. 


Ultimately, if planning makes you freak out – don’t do it. Hire a wedding planner and let them take the burden off your shoulders. On the wedding day, you need to enjoy, not check if everything is the way it should be. After all, how can a wedding be the best day of your life if it becomes a task you need to complete? 

Remember: you’re not a wedding planner, nor a director of an important project. It has to be the day you’ve dreamed of, the day you feel your best. Relax. And if you can’t calm down, think of this: it’s not about the people who’ll attend and what they’ll say. It’s about the person you’re marrying and you. Nothing else matters.

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This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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