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Purple Reign!

The Colour Purple: regal, luxurious, jewel toned, and this season’s hottest hue.  Prince must be partying like it’s 1999! Purple is everywhere this winter, predominantly on the red carpet as celebrities have swapped their […]

Return of the Mac!

Until recently, I’d always associated mac’s with flashers and grannies.  Why? I’m not entirely sure.  Stereotypes aside, I’ve never actually been flashed, and my grandmother is unusually stylish for her age. My […]

Gucci: Rule of the Boots

  We all listened when we heard Nancy Sinatra proclaim that ‘these boots are made for walking’, but that does not mean to say that we are going to be wearing any […]

God Save McQueen

Britannia fashion is something that is appearing more and more this season, and Alexander McQueen is, as usual, one of the

A/W 08 Trend: Anglomania

As London Fashion week fast approaches it seems appropriate to draw attention to the significant amount of A/W 08 shows that flew the flag for Blighty away from home. Alexander […]

Beauty Inspiration: Chloe A/W 08

Summer already seems to be drifting into the recesses of distant memory. Which would all be “oh so depressing if it weren’t for all those lovely autumn/winter trends to be […]

Key Items for AW08: Bowler Hat

Ever since spying one of the new Topshop ‘on the buses’ ads, I am suddenly harbouring an irrepressible urge to buy a bowler hat. They’ve been creeping in for a […]

Peach vs Coral. You Decide?

Many admiring words have been spoken, of late, of the countless joys that coral can cast over one’s life. Words that I entirely agree with (perhaps I wrote them?) and, […]

Trends: Reluctant Debutante

An aura of deconstructed grandeur seems to be encircling the world of fashion at the moment. From the A/W08 collections of Balenciaga and Prada to the Cecil Beaton influence at […]

Glove Love!

As part of my inherent love for any modern take on ladylike style, the kind of details that recall a time when gentlemen tipped their hats on cobbled streets as […]

Bring It On: The Tartan Trend

Tartan shirts were a big trend during A/W ’07 and have appeared yet again on the A/W ’08 catwalks. I know it’s a bit early to start getting excited about […]

Walk the tights-rope!

I have always been an enthusiastic ambassador for the joys of coloured tights, so it is with a heavy heart that I announce my resignation. That is not to say […]

AW08 Trends: Laced with style

I have always had a soft spot for lace. Any fabric which makes me think of veiled ladies from old novels and Victorian dolls has absolutely got me seduced. How […]

Beauty: Crimping my style

Oh horror of horrors! Sorry to break the terrible news, ladies, but crimped hair appears to be back. I could have predicted this, really, as any truly terrible trends from […]

AW08 Trends: Great big hats in Paris!

We loved the great BIG, GIGANTIC headwear that came out of Paris fashion week. Galliano, Yohji Yamamto and Vivenne Westwood were among the designers that featured oversized headwear in their […]

Fighting Talk: Let the battle begin!

Fashion is a fickle creature; her moods are fleeting and her tastes volatile. Not too difficult to predict, then, that there would be an autumnal backlash against spring’s romance and […]