Author: Amy Tipper-Hale

Avsh Alom Gur’s Amazing Prints

Some would argue but I think Avsh Alom Gur’s prints were the best I’d seen on London’s catwalks for Spring/Summer 09. Inspired (quite obsessively) by the chair, this was the […]

London Fashion Week: Fashion East

Natascha Stolle Spring Summer 2009 Fashion East is a project that supports promoting new (or newish) designers. It originally started in The Old Truman Brewery in 1997; the brewery hosted […]

London Fashion Week: Ana Sekularac

The eighteenth century dwelling on 33 Portland Place was the ideal setting for a slightly risque display of non-saintly fashion. With hints of bondage, deadly stunning stilettos and rather big […]

London Fashion Week: Reem

If Beatrix Potters’ Mrs. Tiddywinkle had decided to design haute couture with Vivienne Westwood it may have looked a little like Reem. The creations are fantastic; skirts are layer upon […]

London Fashion Week: Qasimi

Military Britannia meets the Orient. Neat tailoring, slinky shirts and khaki colouring dominated the catwalk at Qasimi’s Spring Summer collection. Luxury silks, delicate colouring and waist high, form-fitting skirts had […]

Bright Sparks: Marks & Spencer

This flamboyant head arrangement throws me into a quandary of confusion. It certainly catches the eye, screaming at me to pop it on and go for a burlesque audition. The […]

Iraina Mancini for Pop Princess

Everyone has their fashion idols. Kate is always up there, Chloe Sevigny is often a penultimate winner for pure indulgence and mine was always (secretly) Patricia Arquette in True Romance. […]

The Beauty of Belts: Elliot Rhodes

Belts are such dignity savers. Unsightly love handle hangover? Buy a belt. A slightly dowdy one-colour ensemble? Buy a belt. Wearing a vintage dress that isn’t exactly the right size […]

Label Alert: Tofu

A women’s wardrobe is unflinchingly temperamental. The emergency outfit bought for that perfect evening out last September, which at the time promised to be the future epicenter of what you […]