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Is anyone really fit to replace Anna Wintour?

You might consider our proposition insane, if somewhat impossible, but it could totally happen. If the “new” age for women retiring in the UK is realistically lingering in the seventies, then Anna Wintour isn’t too far off. At 64, the impeccably bobbed, Manolo-clad Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue faultlessly oozes that polished […]

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“Fashion isn’t art. It’s not even culture. Fashion is advertising. And for every dollar you earn, someone pays the price…”

What do you imagine when someone utters the word ‘fashion’? Unadulterated glamour? Power? Exploitation, maybe? It’s something Team MFL has recently been pondering, given our affection for this industry, and a term that holds a specific, heartfelt meaning for each of us. In the opening scenes of the 1998 film, […]

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