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Lindsay Lohan’s Sober Style

Lindsay Lohan’s back in the last chance saloon. Oh, how familiar those words are. Post DUIs, car accidents, jail time and yet another stint in rehab, she’s sobered up and […]

Lindsay Lohan, pregnant?

Erm… apparently Lindsay Lohan (she who is off on a court-ordered 90-day stint in rehab) is pregnant. The bizarre news comes after the actress tweeted “It’s official. Pregnant” yesterday evening, […]

Mean Girls the musical?

We didn’t think anything would top the Spice Girls musical this year, but Tina Fey reckons she can do one better: Mean Girls the musical! Hilarious 30 Rock actress Tina […]

Li-Lo’s all-time fashion low?

We love Lindsay Lohan, we really do – but not for the right reasons, you understand. Despite all her run-ins with the law we have hopes that she’ll once again become the […]

Lindsay Lohan’s courtroom look

Waiting to see what Lindsay Lohan will wear to court has become more fascinating than what actually happens at the hearing. Her last two outfits have been a combination of […]